Smartphone Data Recovery

Smartphone Data Recovery

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  • We offer a completely free, no-obligation 24 hour diagnostic!
  • Receive a file list, report and fixed-fee quote before proceeding!
  • Smartphone data recovery performed by experts in microelectronics

The process of recovering data from smartphones is one that is continuously evolving with each new model featuring faster and smaller technology that needs to be reverse engineered before they can be fully understood.

If you’ve lost data held on your smartphone, our technicians will undertake the following steps when conducting your free diagnostic:

  • Utilize software intervention in order to discover the cause of failure;
  • Access the device’s NAND chips directly; and
  • Place the device in a state where data can be safely extracted from it.

With TotalPcRepair’s’ free initial diagnostic, you can find out if your phone’s data is recoverable and receive a no-obligation, fixed-fee quote. Book yours today by sending us an email or calling us at

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