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  • We offer a completely free, no-obligation 24 hour diagnostic!
  • Receive a file list, report and fixed-fee quote before proceeding!
  • SSD data recovery undertaken by experts in microelectronics and NAND technology

The popularity of Solid State Drives (SSD) continues to grow at a truly astounding rate! Indeed, all companies that operate within the data storage sector have developed or are in the process of developing their own SSD-based technology.

As a result, SSDs are continuously becoming more and more complex, yet the actual cost of purchasing such drives continues to fall. While this has posed a significant and, in some instances, insurmountable challenge to other data recovery companies (many outsource recovery jobs involving SSDs) this has not been the case for TotalPcRepair.

Our free diagnostic on failed SSDs will involve the following steps:

  • Determining the exact reason for the data having become inaccessible;
  • Reviewing the condition of internal components and verifying if any need to be repaired/replaced; and
  • Developing a custom plan to safely extract your data.

Prior to a diagnostic having been completed, it is not possible to determine the likelihood of data being recovered nor the likely costs. You can book your free diagnostic today – and get a fixed-fee, no-obligation quote – by sending us an email or calling us at

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