Flat Fee Computer Repair Service San Bernardino, Riverside County


• PC Computer Repair

 • MAC Computer Repair

• Virus / Malware Removal

• Networks and Networking

• OS Reinstallation

• Data Recovery

• Start-Up Issues

• Blue Screen Repair

• Spyware Removal

• MS Windows Password


• Wireless Router Set-Up

• Much More! 

 San Bernardino and Riverside County Computer repair specialist! Very friendly and personable! We always will have a smile while doing our repairs and we will always respect your home and others around us! We clean up before we leave and will always go over all details with you and make sure you know how to operate your computer before we leave or give you back the completed computer! We give you tutoring classes and ask you if there is anything else that you would like for us to help you with before we leave your home or you leave after pick-up! We are very professional and have great customer service with the excellent customer, and google ratings! We are featured and listed on The BBB! We take great integrity with our work that we do! This is our passion! This is our life! FoxPc Repair has been in business for over 15 years and will continue supporting and helping its local community! Take a look at just how our FLAT FEE services work! We are honest, and upfront! We will always treat you and your computer with care! You are what we live for! Helping others is the essential element in what we do at FoxPc Repair!

Flat-rate Services: $80 Drop-off: Mobile Fee “San Bernardino Mobile Fee $20”. “Riverside Mobile Fee $40”

$80 Flat Fee Bring to us”DROP-OFF”: “San Bernardino Mobile Fee $20”. “Riverside Mobile Fee $40” – Desktop Repair

– Includes all labor to fix the list issues and any upgrades requested for a desktop computer. Parts are not included.

$80 Flat Fee Bring to us “DROP-OFF”: “San Bernardino Mobile Fee $20”. “Riverside Mobile Fee $40” – Laptop Repair

– Includes all labor to fix the listed issues and any upgrades requested for a laptop computer. Parts are not included.

$80 Flat Fee Bring to us”DROP-OFF” “San Bernardino Mobile Fee $20”. “Riverside Mobile Fee $40” – Windows or Mac OS Reinstallation

– Includes reinstallation of the Operating System, hardware drivers, and all OS updates done on a desktop or laptop computer. We will also set up the computer on your network/internet when it is returned to you or finished in-home or office. Does not include installation of external devices “such as printers” or other software programs, unless told otherwise or specified.

$80 Flat Fee Bring to us:”DROP-OFF” “San Bernardino Mobile Fee $20”. “Riverside Mobile Fee $40”- Virus/Malware Removal

– Includes the removal of all Viruses, Spyware, and Malware on a desktop or laptop computer. If the OS is damaged beyond repair, then we will reinstall the OS at no extra charge. We also install  (anti-virus) and  (spyware and malware protection) (Ad-Block and Web Browser Security) to help your computer stays free of infections.

– Includes recovering deleted data and/or data from corrupt or damaged hard drive. If the recovery process takes longer than 6 hours then you will be charged additionally but will be contacted prior to full recovery. We will discuss the process entailed prior doing the recovery process. You will not be charged until an agreement is met and negotiated. Server Raid Recovery is additional. Call for pricing!

Disclaimer: All “Flat-rate Repairs Services” are paid after service is complete and the job is finished. Customer satisfaction is needed in order for us to accept payment! If we come to your location to do the repair in San Bernardino County then there is a mobile fee of $20. If we come to you and your location is in Riverside then there is a mobile fee of $40. We also can’t be held responsible for any damages or issues unrelated to the repair that happen before or after we serviced it. If a part we install is defective within 30 days of us working on the computer, we will replace that part at no extra charge. If your computer returns to having the same issue that it was submitted for within 7 days of us repairing it, then we will attempt to correct that issue at no additional labor charge.

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